Wine.Woot is a great way to move some product, and have fun doing it! For us, Wine.Woot is less about cash flow (though it helps!) but rather as a way to reach a new audience. They have a great community of buyers who are eager to interact with you and learn about your product.

Jeff Stai, Owner, Twisted Oak

E-Commerce Sales

Wine Country Connect powers the wine categories of web giants Wine.Woot, Rue La La and Touch of Modern. These channels are recognized as being among the most successful and innovative sales avenues in the wine industry. Wine Country Connect allows for wine brands to inject a boost of new sales to their DTC program, through these channels. Wine Country Connect's portfolio of web properties each has a unique industry positioning and demographic.

Curated wine and gourmet features are the equivalent of a national ad campaign, one that results in the movement of substantial amounts of inventory, and culminates with wine in the glasses of many new customers.

Wine Country Connect works with the winery every step of the way, from the beginning through completion of a successful sale. The process is simple, and follows these steps:

  • Evaluate which e-commerce channel(s) make the most sense given winery and inventory specifics

  • Price wine according to marketing and inventory movement goals

  • Set-up the wine offer, which includes receiving compliance (DTC permits) from wineries

  • Offer is live for 1-4 days depending on e-commerce channel

  • Wine Country Connect provides offer-specific package fulfillment after completion of offer, from our warehouse in Sonoma

  • All channels are behind membership walls, eliminating any possibility of the price showing up on WineSearcher

Gourmet E-Commerce Sales
Wine Country Connect has partnered with Wine.Woot to provide gourmet offers to their customers in addition to wine. Wine Country Connect offers gourmet brands the same exposure and the opportunity to gain a large and long-term clientele base.

For Wineries


...we've had an all-around great experience and driven significant revenue growth through our Wine.Woot features.

Jessie Naluai, Direct to Consumer Sales Manager, Precept Wine

Take a look at the current wine offering on Wine.Woot here.

Touch of Modern

"Forget disrupting e-commerce, Touch of Modern is turning the traditional retail theory that women shop and men merely buy, on its head. Seventy percent of customers of the daily sale e-commerce site are guys: young, urban professional."

Forbes Magazine

Take a look at the current wine offering on Touch of Modern here.

Rue La La

Rue La La has over 16 million loyal members, with an annual household income over 160k. 85% of their members are female, with 60% returning to make repeat purchases.

Take a look at the current wine offering on Rue La La here.

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